Project Newland

George & The 7 Magical Dragon Tears

Storytelling – Project Newland – Outdoor Playground Development – A Stoerrr Kids Concepts Project

The Story

“Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived on top of a hill. From above he saw the landscape around him. The land was old, dark and silent as a mouse. Because no one dared to come near the dragon. That’s what you get with fire-breathing dragons with giant teeth. But this made the dragon sad, because he was actually not that bad. He was lonely and only wanted playmates. But yes dragons can’t talk that’s why he roared and spouted fire until everything around him turned black. But this frightened people even more. So she sent me, Knight George, to slay the dragon. I was then a strong, stalwart knight and with my horse I climbed up the hill and with my razor-sharp sword I cut off the dragon’s head. The dragon’s head rolled over the old land and came to rest. His eyes were still open and for a moment a light glowed and then 7 big tears flowed on the ground. Everyone knows dragon tears are magical, right? And every tear of the dragon had a special quality. Because of this, the gray old land suddenly began to change into something wonderful. The dark light was washed away by bright rays of the sun, the black earth grew green and the whole nearby area began to turn into a huge green paradise, with a large mysterious playground tree on top of the hill that bloomed beautifully brightly. I called this tree “Botania”, because it looks a bit like a dragon. Suddenly I heard laughter and cheering all around me. People came out again, children started playing and the elderly went for a walk again. I looked around happily and saw that this old country had become very beautiful.
Then I faced the crowd and shouted “Welcome dear people. Welcome to the New Land, to New Land!””

The Botania Dragontree – A wonderful play structure

A Stoerrr Kids Concepts Project

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