“Behind the Hilltops” A family resort – hospitality & leisure development project

Resorts' Hospitality & Leisure development

Studio Stoerrr has joined a great project. A tender for a total concept for a 5 star resort in Madeira, to redevelop a plot of 16 hectare. The Hotel building, the lobby, accommodations, restaurants, pools, SPA, the Marina, outdoor area’s and of course lots of leisure and family fun indoor as well as outdoor. We’re broadening our horizons with our team and now buried deep in our dreams and concepts for this exciting new venture on the beautiful island of Madeira.

The services we offer;
1. Strategy & Analyses
2. Revenue Development
3. Total Concept Development Hotel included Leisure facility & activity development
4. Redesign of all area’s indoor as well as outdoor – Restyle of all interiors (Villa’s, Apartments, Lobby, Restaurants, Retail. Leisure Facilities).

The worktitle for this pre-concept project is “Behind the Hilltops”

Just behind the hilltops lies a wonderful world worth exploring, where the very best that Madeira has to offer can be discovered in a tranquil, beautiful natural setting, right by the sea.

Different worlds collide here to form an intriguing and engaging holiday resort which will satisfy multiple target groups. Families with children looking for fun and relaxation, young adventurous couples and the older generation interested in culture, active holidays and traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Old world meets new world as we reinvent the idea of a traditional Portuguese fishing village by adding hip design that uses typical Madeiran influences, great locally sourced food and a wide range of activities, both active and relaxing which will please all generations.

Life behind the hills is Madeira as it was meant to be. With the warmth of both the sun and friendly smile of locals turning holidays into one big family affair where everybody feels welcome and will be ensured an unforgettable experience. The new hotel will become a home from home, providing a stress free, nature, health and local food inspired holiday with a strong authentic yet modern Madeira flavour.

Life behind the hills is not only real celebration of the best of Madeiran food & culture & style & life philosophy, but also a place to relax, rejuvenate and recharge those batteries.

Main elements in the concept
Nature Playful exploration, community
Beautiful Natural surroundings, strong accent of healthy, locally sourced produce
Zoning Total Resort

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Futsiball® – a thrilling combination of Freestyle football & interactive digital Pinball!

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Football is the world’s most popular game, captivating an audience of billions. Most of us have played football at some time of our lives and everybody knows to kick a ball. Freestyle football is an especially skilful form of football, which tests the players ability to control the ball. Futsiball is an exciting new game which combines Freestyle football with another popular form of leisure entertainment, Pinball! The object of the game is to keep the ball off the floor by using any part of your body other than your hands and to interact with the digital pinball elements to score points. If the ball hits the floor, you’ll get points deducted. Futsiball® is the ultimate way to test and improve your football skills in an exceptionally cool and fun way.

The interactive digital pinball attributes are mounted on walls, floor and even on the ceiling and add a hugely addictive competitive element to the game. There is no time limit to the game, but once the ball has hit the floor 5 times, the game is over. Interactive screens and walls keep the scores, reveal the highest score to date and add extra lighting effects for an intense player experience. Futsiball® can be played as single player game but is far more fun in team form with 4 players helping each other. Each Futsiball® location will connect online to register the scores so we can create a global Futsiball® competition with courts located all over the world!
Due to the popularity of football and the spectacular nature of this game a new hype both online and offline is almost guaranteed!

Futsiball® is a new concept developed by Studio STRRR. Do you want to know more about Futsiball and how this can be implemented in your leisure venue, activities program or hospitality property, just drop a line at contact@studiostrrr.com