Chalk Oven Huts for Eco-resorts & Wellness parcs

Adult size Chalk Oven Hut & Children size Chalk Oven Hut

Studio STRRR created the Chalk Oven Huts for Eco Resorts & Wellness Resorts. The Chalk Oven Huts – with built with Loam, Chalk, Rice & Hemp fiber – 3D printing a very new technique consists of printing mud houses or walls with a 3D printer. Definitely a technique to keep an eye on, because let’s be honest, who wants to live in a concrete-printed home? Loam is much more pleasant and offers a perfect living environment, especially in extreme situations and regions. Moreover, the ingredients of a Printed Vacation Hut or House are available almost everywhere: Hemp, Chalk, Rice and Loam. This is a perfectly circular solution from a local agricultural industry!

Inspired by the old Chalk Oven – Kiln

A chalk kiln (or Limestone burner) is a kiln in which a calcium carbonate (CaCO3) containing raw material (shells or limestone) is burned, producing quicklime (CaO).

A shell chalk kiln is a kiln in a cone-shaped tower, with a height varying from 15 to 20 meters and a diameter at the base of usually 5 to 7 metres. Shell chalk kilns were used for the manufacture of shell lime, a raw material for mortar. Due to the necessary large-scale supply of shells, they can usually be found near water and they are often found in groups.

Zuiderzeemuseum Kalkovens Akersloot

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