Akiba District

The World of Gaming – a family game experience center

Imagine a place where gaming is king, but where there are no rules or obligations and the only thing you need to do is play. A place where streets are filled with lots of different games from different generations and where everyone who lives there is just as crazy about gaming as you are. Sound good?

Then Welcome to Akiba District, the world of gaming. Where the 1st ever game was created and where gaming evolved into what it is today. Enter Akiba District through the spectacular station entrance and walk through the electrifying streets filled with gaming history. Take a trip down memory lane past classic old school arcade games and then relax in the throwback Nintendo lounge to play all-time great games. Ready for a battle? Then step into the battle square and challenge players to a tournament or competition, while friends and family watch the action on a giant screen.

Speed freaks get their kicks on the Race modules and shooter specialists blast their way through the neon lit streets game by game.
All this gaming got you hungry? Then take two and enjoy a snack and drink at our Otaku noodle bar. It’s got all the stuff a hardened gamer needs to keep their strength up. With unlimited play for just one entry fee, you’re gonna need it!

Looking for the ideal location to hold your birthday party or company outing? Then look no further and stop at Akiba Station to discover the neon gaming paradise that is Akiba District. After a lot of gaming and snacking it’s time to burn some energy so head down to the maze or take on the computer with your friends in the active game area. Feeling a little exhibitionist? Then show off your dance skills on the let’s dance floor or rock the house to an ecstatic crowd on the air guitar! If gaming rules your life and you’re looking for a cool and exciting place to fulfil your ultimate gaming fantasies. Then step inside our futuristic Tokyo meets retro blade runner inspired community.

Join the future of gaming and Welcome to Akiba District!
It’s a gamers paradise. A cool café. A real community & the home of gaming!

The Akiba District Zones

Sector Zoning

The Concept Visuals

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